PROMOTIONAL DOCUMENTS: Examples of written documents meant to be seen by customers


document type: press release

executive summary: covers a successful event undertaken by a (fictional) non-profit organization

title: "Tuolumne County Green Cross Brochure - Membership And Volunteer Version"

document type: brochure, non-graphical version

executive summary: a text-version of a brochure sharing information and reasons to volunteer for the (fictional) Tuolumne County Green Cross

title: "Tuolumne County Green Cross Solicitation Letter"

document type: solicitation letter

executive summary: a personalized solicitation letter from the (fictional) Communications Director of the (fictional) Tuolumne County Green Cross to a potential contributor

title: "Swiss Army App"

document type: datasheet

executive summary: a document which covers the advantages and reasons for using a particular computer program, WinSCP

title: "Success Story"

document type: success story

executive summary: a short document covering a coworker’s positive experiences with a specific work-related computer program, dSign Make-A-Sign

INTERNAL DOCUMENTS: Examples of written documents meant to be seen by internal eyes only

title: "Non-profit strategy memo"

document type: non-profit strategy memo

executive summary: a document covering ideas and plans for a (fictional) non-profit entity to undertake to help increase membership and volunteers

title: "Standard Operating Procedure for Hangnail Software’s Transition to Durochi Systems"

document type: standard operating procedure guide

executive summary: focuses on the purchase and acquisition of a (fictional) company by a much larger (fictional) company and what employees of the smaller company must do

title: "PRIMECARE, INC."

document type: feasibility report

executive summary: a report covering the possible routes this (fictional) company can go in their attempt to reduce absenteeism among their staff

GRAPHICAL DOCUMENTS: Examples of documents designed to be seen more than merely read

title: "invest in moose river"

document type: pamphlet

executive summary: A document meant to highlight to potential opportunities in this (fictional) city by sharing information of four (fictional) businesses which had found success by incorporating in the city

title: "Team Up With GeneCo!"

document type: image-based brochure

executive summary: a brochure showing a potential design for a brochure advertising a business

title: "Aura Imaging Product Catalog"

document type: product catalog example

executive summary: a graphical design showcasing a potential product catalog for a business

title: "WinAura Pro User Manual" (excerpt)

document type: user manual for software product

executive summary: this is an excerpt of a user manual for the Progen/Aura Imaging™ product "WinAura Pro™"; its purpose is to acclimate the new user to the software and its many features

LONG DOCUMENTS: Examples of documents meant to be absorbed while sitting down

title: "The Value of Comics in Technical and Professional Writing"

document type: white paper

executive summary: a white paper covering the facts of using comics and sequential art in technical and professional writing


document type: grant proposal

executive summary: a request to a (fictional) grant-providing organization for them to provide a grant to another (fictional) organization

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